Mozilla Open Badges Community Call about K-12 Badge Implementation


We’re happy to have been invited to host a community call on K-12 Badge Implementation on January 14th from noon – 1 pm EST.  We’re enthusiastic about the potential for badges in K-12 schools and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to chat with like minded folks.  For information on how to join in on the call, go to the etherpad here:

Between now and January 14th, we would like to get feedback on what people would be interested in discussing at the community call.  What are the topics that would make the hour interesting and productive to you?  Here are some potential topics to start out the discussion:

  • Examples of how badges are currently being implemented for K-12
  • Feedback on your ideas about how badges could be used for K-12
  • Successes and challenges faced in implementing badges for K-12
  • Badges and student motivation
  • The relationship of badges to other assessment methods (rubrics, authentic assessment…)

Let us know your opinions and suggestions in the comment section of this blog post or on the etherpad.  Also, let us know if you would be willing to share your badge implementation experiences or ideas.