ForAllRubrics How To: Setting Up Your Roster


So you’ve signed up for a free teacher account on ForAllRubrics and you’re wondering, “What do I do now?” This is part of a short series of posts on how to get started with the basic features of ForAllRubrics.  The posts in this series are:

  1. ForAllRubrics How To:  Setting Up Your Roster (this post)
  2. ForAllRubrics How To:  Setting Up Your Rubrics
  3. ForAllRubrics How To:  Assessing Your Students

When you first login with your ForAllRubrics account, you’ll see something like the screen below.

Teacher-Home Screen

The first thing you’ll want to do is to add some students to your roster.  There are two easy ways to do this.  In the image below you can see how you can choose between:

  1. setting up your student roster by clicking on “Admin->Manage Students
  2. doing a quick add for students by clicking on “+ Add a Student

Add Students

To add a student, you will need to complete the information shown below.

Numeric Student Info

  1. The Student ID is a unique identifier for the student and allows them to be matched between classes
  2. A First Name is required
  3. A Last Name is required
  4. If you enter an Email Address, it will allow features such as emailing completed rubrics to students as well as an additional way to match students between classes
  5. When a student turns 13 they are permitted to push badges to their Backpack
  6. The Additional Email Addresses are for parents, guardians or others to support features such as emailing completed rubrics
  7. If you enter a Mobile Number it will be possible to send SMS messages to the number entered

Now that your Student Roster is set up, you are ready for:  ForAllRubrics How To:  Setting Up Your Rubrics

12 thoughts on “ForAllRubrics How To: Setting Up Your Roster

  1. How do you delete a class? I imported a mis-formated roster and now when trying to add the same class correctly it just adds those students and 5 copies of that student with the students first name as their ID number. So for 25 students in a class it shows each one 4 to 8 times and still incorrectly. 😦 I can’t find “delete class” anywhere.

  2. Click on the Admin button in the upper righthand corner of the ForAllRubrics webpage. Then choose manage students. You can click on the X in the righthand column to delete a student.

  3. Hello.
    Do I need to enter each student for an ID or is there a quicker way as in importing a group e-mail list from your google-account (which I signed up with)? Thanks.

  4. We don’t yet import students from Google, although it is on our to do list. We do support importing students from a spreadsheet or through Edmodo or Powerschool. To import students from a spreadsheet, click on “Admin” in the upper right corner of the screen in ForAllRubrics and then select Manage Students.

  5. Hi,
    Is it possible to delete a class ourselves or do we need to contact you guys and have you do it for us each time?

  6. We only support Powerschool integration for School and District accounts, not for the free teacher accounts. If your School or District in getting an account, please get in touch.

  7. Importing the roster breaks as soon as it hits a letter with any diacritics.

    Since I teach in Latin America, this makes the whole tool useless. 😦

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