ForAllRubrics How To: Student Journals


The student journal is the communication center for student accounts on ForAllRubrics.  When a student first logs in, she sees her journal.  In the example below, the top entry is a journal entry that was added by the student Lola about her experience presenting her project at the science fair.

Student Journal 1

Teachers can view the journal for any of their students by clicking on the “journal” icon on the MY CLASS page.Journal Icon

When a teacher completes a rubric for a student, the results appear in the student’s journal.  Below you can see that the “Demo Teacher” assessed the student with the “Free Art” rubric.  The teacher’s comments that were entered while the scoring the rubric are displayed to the student.

rubric in journal

When the student is viewing the information about the completed rubric, they can:

  • choose to see the details of the rubrics by clicking on “View Rubric Results,”
  • add their own comments and
  • personalize the image associated with the rubric.

Journal - Student Activities

If the student clicks on “View Rubric Results,” they are taken to a print view of the scored rubric where they have the option to either download the scored rubric as a pdf or send the scored rubric to a printer.

view rubric results

Our student Lola, has added a comment and personalized the badge by making a photo of her artwork the image.

journal - student comment & image

This quick introduction to the Student Journal should help you get started with using ForAllRubrics to communicate with your students.  For more information on setting up student accounts, take a look at the post ForAllRubrics How To: Setting Up Your Roster.  There are more posts on the way, including information on how ForAllRubrics supports self- and peer- assessment for students.

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