ForAllRubrics How to: Peer- and Self- Assessment


This post will walk you through two ways to use ForAllRubrics to support our most requested feature, student self- and peer- assessment.

  1. With the teacher’s account on the ForAllRubrics Mobile App
  2. With the student’s account on the ForAllRubrics Website

Approach 1: With the teacher’s account on the ForAllRubrics Mobile App

Teachers can use their own teacher account to login into ForAllRubrics Offline on their iPads and  pass the iPads out to the students to use. They can use their one account on multiple iPads.  The students can use the rubric comments field to indicate who did the assessment.  This works especially well, if you aren’t able to give students their own accounts.


Approach 2: With the student’s account on the ForAllRubrics Website

Another approach is to have the students do the self- or peer- assessments with their personal accounts.  For an introduction to student accounts, see the post, “ForAllRubrics How To: Student Journals.”  Below are the steps for enabling your rubrics for student self- and peer- assessment.

When you’re editing a rubric that you want student to access, make sure that you’re in advance mode and the rubric has the “Allow Students to Self/Peer Assess” checkbox selected.  When you select the checkbox a default badge will be created.  You can customize the badge, by clicking on the badge name next to “Assign Badge”.

set student assessment flag

To set up student user accounts go to the Admin/Manage Students page.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 1.46.42 PM

Create student accounts by setting their email addresses and assigning passwords.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 1.51.29 PM

Students can then login to ForAllRubrics using their accounts. Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 1.57.42 PM

When the student logs in and goes to the “Classmate Badges” page, she sees all the students in her class (including themselves) and can choose who to assess.

self- peer- assessment

Once the student selects who to assess, they will see the badges that are shared with them and they can choose which badge to assess for.

choose badge

When the student chooses the badge to use the appropriate rubric will pop-up and she can enter her scores.

peer assessment

When the assessment is complete, the student can now see the badge they have issued.

peer award

When you login as the teacher, you will see the rubric that was assessed by the student.

student score rubric

You can click on the date the rubric was assessed to see the details of the assessment.

peer assessed rubric

When the assessed student logs in to her account, she sees a journal entry with information about the rubric assessment.

peer's view

When she clicks on “View Rubric Results,” she sees the details of the rubric scoring and can download the completed rubrics as a pdf file or print it.

peer rubric

Please let us know your thoughts on self- and peer- assessment in ForAllRubrics.  We’d really welcome your feedback.

One thought on “ForAllRubrics How to: Peer- and Self- Assessment

  1. This is a really useful tool. I’d like to be able to hide the evaluator’s name from the students when peer-assessed, though. Anonymous evaluations encourage truthful evaluations and I think that they prevent grouches among classmates who would know exactly who to complain with or about if they don’t agree with their grades. I think only the teacher should be able to see who assessed who.

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