More Colors for your Rubrics


Now you can choose from a palette of twenty colors for your Rubric Design!

Do you have an idea for a new feature that you wish was in ForAllRubrics?  Let us know by visiting our Help Center.  The screenshots below  show the steps for posting a new feature request.



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Baked Badges and Evidence


This is technical post that digs into the details of our experiences with baked badges and evidence in our Maker Party Web App at the Mozilla Maker Party at Destination: Chicago as described in the post, “Badging the C-STEMBE Maker Party.”

One of our goals for badging at the maker party was:

Badge earners should own their badges.  Earners should be able to retrieve and save their badges, including all evidence and criteria.  Earners should also be able to share their badges with the Mozilla Open Backpack.

Before I dig into our technical experiences, I’d like to explain why baked badges and evidence is so important to us.  We work mostly with school age learners.  They are getting plenty of skill assessment and certification via all the standardized testing that goes on nowadays in schools.  Through badging, we have the opportunity to capture learning as it happens.  We can support learners (1) reflecting on their learning experiences, (2) planning for future learning activities and (3) take ownership of their overall learning.

These badges that capture authentic learning experiences are especially important because they increase value overtime.  Let’s say that a learner who attended maker party took part in the activity offered by Level Up and built a mechanical hand with straws and string.  Later when they are in high school, they apply for an internship at the Adler Planetarium.  In their essay for the application, they include a description of how their interest in science, space and robotics has developed over time.  They include links to badges of some of the key activities that influenced them, including the badge with a picture of them as an 8 year old  smiling and holding the robotic arm they made.  This same badge has even more meaning as part of a timeline when they apply to M.I.T. or perhaps even for a faculty position at university.

In order for that badge to be available 10, 20 or 30 years from now, we need to create the technology now to support badges that last for long term.  Any badge that relies on a url or a website, will not be available for the long term.  Baked badges with evidence are an import component for supporting lifelong learning.

Our Approach

We created one C-STEMBE Maker Party badge that everyone who registered their account would receive.  At at the C-STEMBE stations, the learner could also receive a badge for completing that activity.  Each of those activity badges could have one or more evidence photos attached.  Below is a diagram with the Maker Party badge that has two evidence badges, two activity badges, one with two photos as evidence and one with one photo as evidence.


Badges with Evidence

Badging the C-STEMBE Maker Party

Badging the C-STEMBE Maker Party

District-Wide Data Collection with ForAllRubrics and PowerSchool


Districts can now use the mobile apps in ForAllRubrics for collecting district-wide student learning data.

Use district teacher and class information in PowerSchool to automatically create ForAllRubrics teacher accounts and student rosters.


Use ForAllRubrics’ simple interface for creating rubrics to collect student learning information. C. Create Rubric

Teachers can score the rubrics on many devices including tablets, mobile phones, chromebooks, laptops and desktop computers.  Data collection is supported even if no internet access is available. Offline_1Offline_2

When the teacher completes the data collection for their class, the results are submitted to PowerSchool. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.00.05 PM

And the district and school administrators can analyze students’ learning data on PowerSchool. TestResults TestDetails

Please contact us if you have any questions or want more information.

Issue Badges with ForAllRubrics to the Chicago City of Learning


As a part of the Hive Interoperability and Portability Coalition (HIPC), ForAllRubrics has been working along with Iridescent, Chicago City of Learning, Youtopia, Chicago Architecture Foundation and Chicago Hive to improve the interoperability between learning platforms.  Last week we completed one of goals in the HIPC project by making it possible for organizations to issue badges to the Chicago City of Learning using the ForAllRubrics Badging Platform (which includes the ForAllBadges Mobile App available on AppStoreGoogle Play and the Firefox Marketplace).

This blog post will walk through how the Chicago Architecture Foundation can now issue badges from ForAllRubrics to the Chicago City of Learning.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.48.09 AM
Now that the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) has given permission on the Chicago City of Learning for ForAllRubrics to access their account, CAF users can access their Chicago City of Learning Badges on ForAllRubrics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.50.48 AM
CAF users can issue badges on ForAllRubrics to learners participating in their programs.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.57.32 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.57.49 AM

Learners can connect their ForAllRubrics account to their Chicago City of Learning account.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.59.20 AM
And the badges issued via ForAllRubrics are available on the Chicago City of Learning!

Edmodo Student Accounts (for free!)

Edmodo new

Good news! Students can now access ForAllRubrics from within Edmodo. They will be able to access published rubric results, view earned badges, self & peer assess classmates, pledge for badges, write to their ePortfolio and so much more!  See our previous post for more info on Teacher access to ForAllRubrics via Edmodo.

 Teachers Can Export Their Edmodo Rosters into ForAllRubrics:

Teacher in Edmodo

 In the ForAllRubrics App, Teachers Can Score their Students’ Work:

teacher in FAR edmodo app

 Students Can  Access Their ForAllRubrics ePortfolio directly from Edmodo:

Student in FAR

 Students Can View Published Rubric Results with Teacher Comments:

Scored Rubric

and So Much More!

HIPC Update: Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities

HiRes (1)

ForAllRubrics is proud to be a member of the Hive Interoperability and Portability Coalition (HIPC).  This blog post describes the HIPC team’s plans for a pilot system that supports “Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities”.  In our project description, this is Item 3, Distributed Discovery & Recommendation of Learning Opportunities.

The Problem

1. As an organization, it is hard to publicize learning opportunities.

2. As a learner, it is difficult to find relevant learning opportunities.

Our  Solution

We are creating a pilot implementation that leverages RSS and open source software to experiment with a model implementation for Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities.  For this  pilot, we are collaborating with the Community STEM Badge Ecosystem and the Ultimate Hub Moonshot.

ForAllRubrics is going to host WordPress sites for organizations that want to publish information about learning opportunities.  The learning opportunities will be shared as blog posts with event metadata to support discovery and recommendation.

Learning Opportunties will include:

Recommendation and publication of learning opportunities will be done on various platforms including WordPress and Tiki-Toki.  The recommendations will be filtered and presented as appropriate for the target learners.  The HIPC, C-STEMBE and Ultimate Hub teams will be working together to create effective pilot examples.  These  examples will help identify what is working and what steps we should take next.

ForAllRubrics on Edmodo (for free!)

Edmodo App Store - cropped

ForAllRubrics is now available as an Edmodo App!  Read on for more.

 Automatically load your Edmodo Class Rosters into ForAllRubrics:

Edmodo Roster

down arrow

FAR roster

 Design Your Own Rubrics with an Easy to Use Interface:


Retrieve Rubrics from the Library or Share Your Rubrics:


Grade Student Assignments Quickly and Consistently:
• Scores are computed automatically
• Add comments for the whole rubric or for individual items


View, Print or Email Student Scores and Rubrics:

score sheet

Go to the Edmodo App Store and Try out ForAllRubrics for Yourself!

Designing Your Personal Learning Trajectory

DML_Events (2)We are submitting a proposal to DML2005 to lead a workshop on “Designing Your Personal Learning Trajectory.” This interactive workshop will explore issues related to supporting learners’ lifelong process of designing their own personal learning trajectory.  We will use our web app ForAllLearners as an example of how technology can be designed to serve as a GPS for helping learners reflect on where they have been and plan for where they want to go. Some of the topics for discussion will include the following.

  •  What are some effective approaches that learners use in constructing their personal learning trajectory?  What are some benefits and difficulties of these approaches?
  •  What are effective ways that the connected context of available learning opportunities can be presented to learners?
  •  What learning artifacts and reflections are helpful in supporting the planning and achievement of learner’s personal learning goals?

ForAllLearners is a tool we’ve been working on to support a learners’ own lifelong process of designing their personal learning trajectory.

Our current iteration of ForAllLearners has three essential components:

  •  the learner’s own pathway of learning experiences
  •  the learner’s reflections that capture their personal story at particular points in time
  •  the connected context of available learning opportunities

We are going to use DML2015 as a laboratory for experimenting with ForAllLearners and supporting attendee’s ongoing conference-long process of designing their personal learning trajectory.  Attendee’s will be able to use ForAllLearners to:

DML_Events (2)View the connected context of available learning opportunities at DML2015

ForAllLearners_MyJournal (1)

Capture reflections and learning artifacts during your learning experiences


View your pathway of learning experiences at DML2015

We welcome all feedback and discussions around ForAllLearners and supporting learners.

Badging as Lifelong Learning

MyBadges_1 (1)

Here is a preview of ForAllLearners, a tool to help learners navigate all their learning experiences throughout their lifetime. ForAllLearners will allow learners to:

(1) capture learning artifacts to permanently record evidence of their learning,

(2) reflect on learning experiences to continuously refine their own story of who they are and who they want to be and

(3) plan their next steps in pursuing their passions and interests to construct a path toward the life they want to live and the person they want to be.

Badging as credentialing supports learning from the point of view of employers, schools and others that control opportunities. By specifying what credentials are desirable for a job, school admission or program participation, badges provides a way for these organizations to communicate what skills they believe are valuable.

Badging for learning supports learning from the point of view of teachers. By sharing the teacher’s perspective on a learner’s progress, badges provide learning artifacts and milestones to guide the learner as they participate in a learning activity.

Badging as lifelong learning supports learning from the point of view of learners. By helping learners record, reflect and plan their learning experiences, badges provide a way for learners to take ownership of their own lifelong learning.

MyBadges_2 (1)

Not Just for Schools Anymore

CSTEMMBE BannerAs more informal learning programs, teacher development programs and other learning organizations are starting to use ForAllRubrics, the labels that we use throughout ForAllRubrics (District, School, Class, Teacher, Student) are not always appropriate.  We’ve added the ability for administrators to customize the labels that are used through out ForAllRubrics to be appropriate for their own organization.

Custom Settings

Once the settings are customized, the new labels are used throughout ForAllRubrics:

Program Participants

In case you didn’t already notice, we love being part of the Community STEM Badging Ecosystem (CSTEMBE) group.  We are so proud to support the amazing work the group is doing.