HIPC Update: Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities

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ForAllRubrics is proud to be a member of the Hive Interoperability and Portability Coalition (HIPC).  This blog post describes the HIPC team’s plans for a pilot system that supports “Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities”.  In our project description, this is Item 3, Distributed Discovery & Recommendation of Learning Opportunities.

The Problem

1. As an organization, it is hard to publicize learning opportunities.

2. As a learner, it is difficult to find relevant learning opportunities.

Our  Solution

We are creating a pilot implementation that leverages RSS and open source software to experiment with a model implementation for Open Sharing of Learning Opportunities.  For this  pilot, we are collaborating with the Community STEM Badge Ecosystem and the Ultimate Hub Moonshot.

ForAllRubrics is going to host WordPress sites for organizations that want to publish information about learning opportunities.  The learning opportunities will be shared as blog posts with event metadata to support discovery and recommendation.

Learning Opportunties will include:

Recommendation and publication of learning opportunities will be done on various platforms including WordPress and Tiki-Toki.  The recommendations will be filtered and presented as appropriate for the target learners.  The HIPC, C-STEMBE and Ultimate Hub teams will be working together to create effective pilot examples.  These  examples will help identify what is working and what steps we should take next.

Designing Your Personal Learning Trajectory

DML_Events (2)We are submitting a proposal to DML2005 to lead a workshop on “Designing Your Personal Learning Trajectory.” This interactive workshop will explore issues related to supporting learners’ lifelong process of designing their own personal learning trajectory.  We will use our web app ForAllLearners as an example of how technology can be designed to serve as a GPS for helping learners reflect on where they have been and plan for where they want to go. Some of the topics for discussion will include the following.

  •  What are some effective approaches that learners use in constructing their personal learning trajectory?  What are some benefits and difficulties of these approaches?
  •  What are effective ways that the connected context of available learning opportunities can be presented to learners?
  •  What learning artifacts and reflections are helpful in supporting the planning and achievement of learner’s personal learning goals?

ForAllLearners is a tool we’ve been working on to support a learners’ own lifelong process of designing their personal learning trajectory.

Our current iteration of ForAllLearners has three essential components:

  •  the learner’s own pathway of learning experiences
  •  the learner’s reflections that capture their personal story at particular points in time
  •  the connected context of available learning opportunities

We are going to use DML2015 as a laboratory for experimenting with ForAllLearners and supporting attendee’s ongoing conference-long process of designing their personal learning trajectory.  Attendee’s will be able to use ForAllLearners to:

DML_Events (2)View the connected context of available learning opportunities at DML2015

ForAllLearners_MyJournal (1)

Capture reflections and learning artifacts during your learning experiences


View your pathway of learning experiences at DML2015

We welcome all feedback and discussions around ForAllLearners and supporting learners.